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Monthly & Yearly Forecast

$ 17.95

Includes yearly cycles for the current and next year, and monthly cycles for the next 12 months. Reveals influences and the effect of overlapping cycles unique to Decoz’ and not found anywhere else.

Personality Profile

$ 19.95

The depth and accuracy of this report is legendary. A 30+ page in-depth reading revealing what makes you You. Gain a new perception of your strengths, motivation, and purpose.

Personality Profile & Yearly Forecast

$ 29.95

Combines the most complete and in-depth personal profile and yearly forecast. Knowing yourself and the influences and changing circumstances coming your way helps you take advantage and improve the quality of your life.

Relationship Compatibility Profile

$ 17.95

This report compares your five core numbers with that of your partner, friend, family member, or co-worker. Understanding the strengths and challenges of your partner or friend is a valuable tool to help you mitigate the stress or damage that can come from differing perspectives.

Relationship Compatibility Forecast

$ 14.95

When people form a close relationship, their individual evolution can affect the harmony of their partnership. Our Relationship Forecast offers insight on maintaining harmony and is an example of the way numerology can be used in a practical manner.

Relationship Profile & Forecast

$ 24.95

This extensive report combines the Relationship Compatibility Profile and Forecast. Being together means growing together; understanding the challenges helps you avoid turbulence and discord.